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[111204] SUKIRA - Last Day of EunTeuk DJ

Today.........111204 - Sunday is the last day for EunTeuk DJ on SUKIRA. :'(
I really hope they won't go. But, as Leeteuk said: When we start a thing, there shall always an end.
However, I'm also agreed with Eunhyuk, which he said: But, i don't want it to be end.....T_______T
Every ELF don't want EunTeuk to end SUKIRA today. EunTeuk once said, they want to be a 10 years old DJ on SUKIRA. But the busy schedule they got make them had to leave one of their dreams behind.
Oppa, ELF know that you're really sad to leave SUKIRA. Especially Eunhyuk oppa. I know! I've been your fan for years. When there is Donghae around, that means you're totally not in good mood. Today, on SUKIRA, Donghae is in the studio because he's the only one that can make you smile again.
Today, I see your smile when Donghae comes in. I see your smile when Donghae sits beside you. I see you're smiling because Donghae is always there to be with you.
I'm not saying this because of EunHae, but I want to tell all of you how much love had EunTeuk gives to SUKIRA. They've been on SUKIRA since 5years and 3months ago. That's a very loooooooong time. There's so much memories in there!
If Eunhyuk asked: What shall I do when 10pm comes? My answer is: Just come back to the studio oppa. We'll be waiting for you. Now, i'm watching you. Crying hard just to leave SUKIRA. What will you do if you had to be on stage all alone? Will you cry and kill yourself? If I am you, I'll kill myself.
Argh!!! To much tears. My sight becomes blurry now. I actually thought to update my AFF, but watching the last day for EunTeuk DJ is much more important to me! My oppa is crying with his hyung. How come you said, just be okay.......?? Teukie????
Leeteuk angel, i know you tried to cover all your tears. But, can you? Look! You're already crying!!!!
You both are crying when you want to leave the studio. But me? Do you know that I've been crying since I saw Donghae entered the studio. I'm not a new fan of your EunHae.

How I really wish TIME CAN SOP! I really want it! Please! Just let me see EunTeuk DJ more than two hours for today. Two hours is not enough!
I'm sorry. If someone who read this think I'm crazy, it's all up to you. I can't stop you from thinking those thing! However, i just want to express this tears. I want you to know that I spend a lot on SUKIRA. 
watching their laughs, watching their smile, watching their falling chair.......All those memories are all unreplaceable!
Welcome to the new MinWook DJ and I wish to See you again, EunTeuk DJ.......crying

It's not only ELF who's crying.............................
@ryeong9 Listening to Sukira ^^ Eeteukie hyung is playing the piano ㅋㅋㅋ Today is Eeteuk and Eunhyuk’s kiss the radio, everyone listen together ^^ Why are my tears falling. .ㅠ
Ryeowook - Eventhough he's the one who will be on SUKIRA, he also feel sad. Everyone grew up with SUKIRA and EunTeuk DJ. What would a life be without them?
Teuk:' I think that we'll come back one day.' i'll think the same as u & I hope it comes true. Thank u for the days being with me Eunteuk DJ
Please.......come back soon oppa!

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