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Blog Ini memakai 4 bahasa yaitu : bahasa Indonesia , bahasa Inggris , bahasa Korea , dan bahasa Jepang

__________________Lee Donghae
_________________My all is in you
_______________ Choi Siwon ★ I Am
_____________ Cho Kyuhyun ★ It’s you
____________Kim Heechul ★ Here we Go
___________Kim Ryeowook ★ Boom Boom
_________Kangin ★ Opera ★ Me ★ Miracle
________My love, My kiss, My Heart ★ Mirror
_______Eunhyuk ★ No Other ★ Blue Tomorrow
______Yesung ★ Happy Together ★ Coagulation
_____Lee Sungmin ★ Super Girl ★ Oops ★ Twins
___Shindong ★ Perfection ★ Sorry Sorry ★ Believe
__Kim Kibum★ Hangeng ★ Zhoumi ★ Henry ★ A-Cha
_Mr. Simple ★ Superman ★ Sapphire Blue ★ Rokkugo



About CHO KYUHYUN . English Version !

Full Name: Cho Kyuhyun (jogyuhyeon)
  • Mandarin Name: GUI Xian (西安) (曺 圭 贤) 
  • English Name: Marcus Jos te's 
  • Name: Kyuhyun (Kyuhyun) 
  • Nickname: GameKyu, DraKyu, EvilKyu, KyuMong, SkyKyu etc. 
  • Birthplace: Seoul Nohwon Date of birth: 1988 February 03 
  • ilsinjang: 180cm Weight: 68kg 
  • Blood Type: A
  • Education: High School Shinchung, Yumkwang University School, Kyung Hee University, 
  • brothers and sisters: Ahra one trillion (1985) 
  • Favorite color: blue, black and white 
  • Favorite food: Jjajangmyeon favorite  
  • Instrument: Clarinet 
  • Group: Super Junior 
  • You are here: Main vocalist and sub dancer (or current lead dancer already?) sub-group Super Junior KRY (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung), Super Junior M (Mandarin), 
  • another group: Ballad of the SM so yaeseo Where to start? * From now on, tell yourself it was difficult to start an autobiography * Joe Kyuhyun. He was the second of two brothers.
That is his family, father, mother and brother of four-person configuration. Geureulboda three years older, she told my sister or sister Ahra is Joe. Kyuhyun love, my sister said as he really is always in front of the computer again, he came home and found him a big hug to provide Kyuhyun. His father was someone who engaged in the training academy is itself. His mother was the same. Because the family's educational background, Kyuhyun a lot of studying and preparing for exams spent their time first Kyuhyun did not intend to be a singer and even his parents sent him to study law. However, all the fittings and high school he joined the band when the lead singer of the band has changed. All of a sudden, he'd be a singer to be a lawyer has to change his plans. But his father eventually agreed, and does not have a contract with Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun deal successfully passed the university entrance exam, and must go to college. Kyuhyun finally succeed and go to Kyung Hee University Post Modern Music Department. His father agreed to allow a dream to become a singer Joe's early career he was Kyuhyun Chin Chin Song 2005 third place in the competition at that time was to start with a complete victory. After winning, he was immediately hired by SM Entertainment in Video TVXQ / DBSK's "Hey Yeah Yeah" have appeared on. Before he contracted a four input debut turns out, I put into a group. The group members are still years of "Super Junior 05," he says. At that time, the group is still not a set of projects, but, Kyuhyun joined the group after a fixed group and Super Junior 'has been changed. Group Super Junior debuted with twelve members of people because of the time, most fans do not want new members Kyuhyun. The group members believe they now, as if too many personnel plus one more, be careful eohajiman. Kyuhyun him most of the fans is one of the members of Super Junior. And it never hospitalized after Super Junior Kyuhyun Eunhyuk attend the event in Super Junior's first album for the second "U" for the first single, "Do not Don" occupies the first position. "Twins" is named after the first album, their first in Korea's position is not absolute. The boy band Super Junior Kyuhyun joined Fudo has had a growing popularity. It's a new single, U. Introduction to the case of the Super Junior Kyuhyun on May 23, 2006 news broadcast as part of Super Junior's first appearance at the start of SBS I - in concert singing the new single on May 26, 2006 Kyuhyun of Super Junior's debut, also called no-frills permanent group of 05 followed by their first appearance in the group "U" is And at the end of 2006, Yesung and Kyuhyun with Ryeowook, the first in KBS Music Bank on November 05, 2006 that the impact that his debut Super Junior's first subgroup, Super Junior KRY were placed. Wikipedia has been updated (Wikipedia), Super Junior Kyuhyun is based on information from the position of Super Junior, as is the main singer and the lead dancer. Do not believe? My page is already their fifth album to date with the latest news about Super Junior teuhaetgo is in the location of all the members of the far as it is written, Super Junior on Google and open his own Wikipedia page, take a look at Tom asked. Kyuhyun are finally lead dancer! Already read a lot of people could be the sound has a few stories. Therefore, the initial Kyuhyun mechanical proper ballad in her voice when I call really because he's really a solo artist that I'd joined SM Entertainment. Yeah, he's certainly appropriate, enter the training room, it's there for years and people are already members of Super Junior, he became part of the move was found. All that was in the room but he does love my brother happy - happy to have been written. And then the other members of the business, join a member will let me know if you have not been giving you another surprise, the recipe and they immediately Kyuhyun other members anything without telling had entered was at first as they Kyuhyun, Kyuhyun a lot like I know, but they are all very happy that his brother, because tampering with the evidence, the confluence of Super Junior is the most disastrous for a new member. The first evidence, he did not give the bed a tent in your notebook while playing Pike in sleep on the floor and sleep with him nine months in residence stay Kyuhyun. And Kyuhyun's TV stations since the story follows that management provide a mattress. Management was really evil ... Even the often disturbing hours Kyuhyun, Shindong said, has already drafted Kyuhyun to plague, haha ​​- but the old era, and now Satan so evil to grow magnae Kyuhyun magnae one person for the treatment of type, which does not make mistakes. Perhaps Kyuhyun brother-brother acted as one of multiple ... New Year's Kyuhyun joined Super Junior is, the story has to fit the 2007 fate. Kyuhyun on April 19, 2007, a serious accident occurs. Obviously you already know the story on it? So it's Kyuhyun, Shindong, Leeteuk when, Eunhyuk Super Junior Kiss the Radio at the same manager said we'd come home. It was already almost midnight. What to say on the news that Kyuhyun Kyuhyun someone sitting next to the driver which you guys probably know the right, was sitting behind the driver said. Pike, of the headphones sit Kyuhyun eyes closed while listening to music. Front tire burst suddenly thrown out of it until everyone in your car along the road until it is rolled upside down twice. Of all the members, who most serious injury Kyuhyun this event, all members of the people in shock, crying and thinking to make a voice recording Yesung. Bruises on various parts of his body other than the lungs, broken ribs, sustained in Kyuhyun also. After the accident, Kyuhyun was still a sense of worship to forget the busy life as a writer until he has an accident, because God has been warning about Kyuhyun, according to the news because he was feeling a sense of circulation. And then he fainted. All members rushed to the hospital to be treated to the longest and Kyuhyun. He nearly four days in a coma because of neck surgery, voice over lost. But be careful, because her father, she eventually received a different treatment melodious voice still come up with the latest recall. Kyuhyun hospitalization can be backed up on stage in a few months Joe Kyuhyun some facts about:
  •         Kyuhyun from eating too much was at a local college debut and eventually select a diet to be skinny like Eunhyuk. But instead, because of the accident, she lost her weight is 20kg.
  •         Kyuhyun young infections due to their small commotion was behind the left ear. Now his left ear hears less.
  •         Very happy with the game! In fact, he constant-density, but the main game of Super Junior Heal keomine. Wookie of the keyboard is hidden, such as a broken and then, so once the game has been discontinued. He lost a game to match the sound Kyuhyun shouted Sea because of this hobby because I was awakened the night was the center.
  •         Never won the Olympic gold medal in mathematics
  •         Kyuhyun rather well-equipped to snore were found in the bed. If you snore, and he's really tight. If you snore can be adjusted at a later time about Oh, it's our consciousness, Kyuhyun ah Papa Is not outside? * Ignored *
  •         He can not cook. Her brother-brother, because for example, if the cook did not cook him a natural already, it mostly with the other members of the Han River water and if the alias's a legend.
  •         Pneumothorax with collapsed lung disease, he sometimes got. However, because of illness have illness geugayi emang've she had surgery for this disease from the beginning, 19 April appropriate experience is not a fatal accident. And Kyuhyun is too small, uncomfortable, because the disease. He should not be too tired.
  •         One is already a man of the same vegetables that did not like one trillion Kyuhyun's not so secret. Maybe that is the moon of his face, acne is one reason why the surface looks like!
  •         His favorite food Jjajangmyeon revealed he likes to drink alcoholic beverages.
  •         He was not fluent enough in English, but English pronunciation can properly.
  •         Kyuhyun Sungmin Sungmin one of the dorm room, he is near. And that's just not behind the camera response KyuMin EunHae couples in front of the camera in. Some do not like to publicly
  •         Kyuhyun with his favorite country, says the risk was very good. He was alone for a few days in Japan, It was a very pleasant adventure, and he did. And she hopes to venture back to Europe alone, but unfortunately a very tight schedule right now.
  •         Log in to see all the Super Junior members first. He thought both handsome, but ... the impact Kyuhyun Siwon and Donghae. Kyuhyun is like that ... if they are handsome, well then, you know?
  •         Kyuhyun is less adept at driving a car or motorbike, but in some cases have their car was Kyuhyun.
  •         He particularly drama, kayaking, one of the historical drama Jumong liked seeing the KyuMong alias. She is also a big scam in Paris, a girl my panties, DAE one trillion yeong like to see the drama of love. He's singing with a girl my panties joy, to remember because
  •         She's nosy and sometimes annoying. He once fit his voice high notes at the time of the fals Zhoumi rat's ass laugh laugh I can not stand up very strong. The end of Zhoumi Kyuhyun's shoulders, double, so he was stopped laughing. Um ... but his name shortly after he embraced Apple Zhoumi the end of her singing and song guys, keep the party magnae evil laugh.
  •         Sleeveless dress with no sleeves and the one person he most pike. Do not know why. In some cases, however, she has a sore on his chest scar topless in public places because it dare not be created as a reason why Siwon. * At least that's what I do know * and Hello! tablets of kyuhyun has a muscle! I have dirt videos ... Haha
  •         Leaders and also admitted he was the best trainee as a member Leeteuk's long service, but it sure is Kyuhyun singing and dancing abilities are geureulboda.
  •         Kyuhyun's cute independent figures. The Ryeowook say. But he was cute, it's unreasonable.
  •         Donghae Kyuhyun he felt honored to know you did not. But he always was he who became Sea-inch felt. The old rules a little in your face again in the old days a young ... * This * Ignore
  •         Time in the hospital after the accident, Heechul, often waiting at the hospital rules. It is close to the same rules Heechul and Kyuhyun Kyuhyun If it were not for his mother because his mother thought of it so he can ask the same familiar gyuege Heechul. The reason is often accompanied with Kyuhyun Heechul's in the hospital. But his father's funeral, East, Kyuhyun came home from work as well as to Heechul when hospitalized due to an accident. Two magnae deh - _ - the basis of
  •         Kyuhyun does not believe in the innocence abis believe it! They are all on stage again in Taiwan, the SuJu M's time again berjrengjeng. Possible because of the column, a little sweat, a copy of the Kyuhyun's pike in his hands, he wiped sweat, he wiped his hands on Zhoumi jacket! Something-_-If you Zhoumi gaitneun end of a smile on his shoulder to see Kyuhyun writing
  •         Close to the radio - Kyuhyun and Shindong was the star guest shows a close. At that time, young women and older than they were satisfied. And Kyuhyun more pleased with the old woman replied.
  •         He could play the instrument the clarinet and piano.
  •         Drifting away from just one year's no different because, of the same age and type Ryeowook Kibum Kyuhyun Do not call.
  •         Kyuhyun could suddenly become suddenly quiet and cool people, but all of a sudden, he (this is my personal opinion, haha) for mercy usilnya sucks and people can turn to
  •         He also likes to read his hobbies besides watching.
  •         According to Leeteuk, Kyuhyun Kyuhyun a hardworking man, but sometimes it can be limited.
  •         Everywhere on the plane shortly before he was immortal song, according to two of his testimony, never been there always megikutinya fans. Kyuhyun several times found on the plane, and not far from the same person I'm sitting in his chair. Kyuhyun always replace the seat with the other members.
  •         I can dance Kyuhyun wants to be known as a singer.
  •         Interview fifth album Super Junior, Kyuhyun most handsome, striking a member of Super Junior Kyuhyun asked to rank order, he entered a large 4.5-star event on the date mentioned. The first order Siwon, Donghae, second, third and fourth Heechul said that he she is the most handsome, striking.
  •         Kibum Kyuhyun the famous "Killer Smile" during the "evil smile" is known as
  •         Kyuhyun Sungmin had a big fight with. Kyuhyun Sungmin tired and returned it when you call improvised. Kyuhyun Sungmin care and accommodation to think more so in a bed wearing just his mistake did not Kyuhyun strangers. Kyuhyun Sungmin Sungmin two to understand and explain the whole thing, but after the incident in accordance Kyuhyun Sungmin do not want to go nowhere.
  •         Kyuhyun together again when the game is to forget all that.
  •         After the first accident, Kyuhyun up and down the state. Hyungnya will automatically worries. He's not feeling well he's back geuneundoendagohamyeon deliberate tampering nearly 60-10 myeongppun request, but said she likes the situation. Kyuhyun's cumin no more nosy and finally they convinced the longer term, however if you do not - know-inch type.
  •         Her three laptops up for the game hanhaetdago he said.
  •         Kangin Kyuhyun not enter the draft until you angry when he dared nosy is the only member of Super Junior's Kangin. And he said that if more angry nyeremin of Kangin.
  •         About her weight to 12 kg because of SuJu M for the promotion of this album a long time to settle in Taiwan, Kyuhyun returned to Korea with the chubby cheeks. But now he seems she's already a bit thin.
  •         SBS Strong Heart Special Super Junior Kyuhyun yesterday that he had treatment at the hospital after the accident, a nurse, said her love at first sight. She already had a boyfriend has it turned out to not let his fans, but because yeoja Eunhyuk yeoja denied. It's the fans that he Siwon Kyuhyun yeoja think that's okay, but why should his fans loved her Eunhyuk ..? I never believed in fate, so he no longer is starting.
  •         Kyuhyun Star bought by fans GameKyu * deh tuh buy a star in the sky * I can not imagine how expensive was chosen
  •         The richest member SJ - 3, including the Kyuhyun. The first after a wealth of the richest Siwon and Sungmin-to-2.
  •         Super Junior Kyuhyun is the foresight of some people that like the best music video of Super Junior asked. And Kyuhyun she MV Neorago or you said you liked it. Because there is gadoeji Kyuhyun and Ryeowook and Kyuhyun Ryeowook choose the MV Twin Select painter MV.
  •         Time because he does not recover after an accident Pin-Up Boys are not eligible to participate in attacks on the film.
  •         Super Junior KRY Kyuhyun's singing solo in 2007 to solidify juldohanda rights. But in 2007 what's happening. Kyuhyun in an automobile accident failed to record that song. But eventually, the song sung by Super Junior KRY, and has appeared on fourth album.
  •         Kyuhyun pneumothorax of the disease does not perform the duties of military service

Here are pictures of a very handsome in my eyes. His charm is too dazzling ~ ~ ~

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