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__________________Lee Donghae
_________________My all is in you
_______________ Choi Siwon ★ I Am
_____________ Cho Kyuhyun ★ It’s you
____________Kim Heechul ★ Here we Go
___________Kim Ryeowook ★ Boom Boom
_________Kangin ★ Opera ★ Me ★ Miracle
________My love, My kiss, My Heart ★ Mirror
_______Eunhyuk ★ No Other ★ Blue Tomorrow
______Yesung ★ Happy Together ★ Coagulation
_____Lee Sungmin ★ Super Girl ★ Oops ★ Twins
___Shindong ★ Perfection ★ Sorry Sorry ★ Believe
__Kim Kibum★ Hangeng ★ Zhoumi ★ Henry ★ A-Cha
_Mr. Simple ★ Superman ★ Sapphire Blue ★ Rokkugo



Super Junior’s “A-CHA” Impresses The Masses (Even Without Siwon & Heechul)

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment
And then there were 8.
After sweeping all the music show awards for weeks on end with “Mr. Simple,” Super Junior is back with their follow-up song “A-CHA,” which is a Korean phrase that’s synonymous with “Oops, I completely forgot!”
The remaining 8 members of the originally-13-member boy band held their return performance today on Music Bank and the response has been enormous (not that we’re surprised).
But with member Siwon busy filming his new drama Poseidon and Heechul away at basic training preparing for his 2 year paper-pushing military job, we can’t help but notice how spacious the stage looks.
Earlier today, SM Entertainment released the teaser for “A-CHA,” heightening the anticipation for the full music video, especially since we get a glimpse of the two newly-departed members.
Super Junior’s got a pretty good track record for successful follow-up singles — take “No Other” after “Bonamana” and “It’s You” after “Sorry Sorry,” for example — and “A-CHA” is already shaping up to exceed initial expectations.
Though the release of the song first elicited some disappointment from fans for being, well, just another SM song that could have been given to any of the SM artists, from TVXQ to f(x), the explosive performance and MV teaser may just change their minds.
What do you think? Without Siwon and Heechul in the picture, will “A-CHA” even get a chance to taste the popularity “Mr. Simple” enjoyed?

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